quarta-feira, maio 24, 2006

439) Terceirizando Mister Chavez para o cinema?: outra boa ideia...

Do site da revista Foreign Policy, em 23 de maio de 2006:

And Starring Hugo Chavez as Himself

Yesterday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced that he has given his approval to the production of a film by Oliver Stone documenting the events of the 2002 coup that briefly deposed him from power.

Stone, no stranger to the political film, has taken on such controversial figures as Fidel Castro, Yasir Arafat, and Richard Nixon and intense political events as JFK’s assassination and the World Trade Center attacks (upcoming).

In the past Stone has also produced chilling accounts of the corrupting effects of power, including Wall Street and Scarface (screenplay), but given Stone’s political leanings and sympathetic stance toward leftist politicos (as well as Chavez's conditional stamp of approval), viewers are likely to see narrative that glorifies Chavismo and discredits his opponents. The real question is whether the film will be more Viva Zapata! or telenovela.

UPDATE: Stone says Chavez is full of bull and that he has no such plans for a movie.


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